Disk Speed Bench X  v.0.1

Disk Speed Bench X is a benchmark utility, which shows you your transferespeed of your Disks or other Volumes.

Disk Bench  v.

Disk Bench tests your hard drive speed in a real life situation not in a benchmarking environment. All it does is copies a file from A to B, times the time it took, and deletes the file from B again. Optionally,


AMD N-Bench  v.3.1

AMD N-Bench is a benchmark software that will measure the performance of your computer. Measurement is performed by "CPU Benchmark" which measures CPU performances, such as integer operation and a floating point arithmetic,

3DP Bench  v.10.05

3DP Bench measures boot, reboot time and provides online ranking system. You can benchmark with measure boot up time. and submit score to online. You can compete with world users. Try this software now and measure your system.

WP Bench Free  v.

WP Bench is performance benchmark for Windows Phone 7 devices. It tests your CPU, GPU, memory, storage, display and battery and allows you to publish your score to the online charts or compare with the others. - Online charts! devices, users etc. -

Max Bench Press Calculator  v.

Max Bench Press Calculator is a simple program that can calculate your max through a carefully thought out algorithm. Just enter the weight lifted and the reps performed to find out your max! Note: Max Bench Press Calculator works for both kg and

Fly Bench ASV  v.

Fly Bench is an illustrated library of fly fishing fly patterns; the library contains many of the most common and traditional patterns as well as a collection of variant and less seldom seen patterns. Categories of Fly Patterns include: - Bass Bugs

Bench Plans Theme Maker  v.1 1

Theme Maker is a desktop software which allows you to create unique Wordpress themes by the minute. You can easily select the preset themes within the software, change the colours of the theme from the colour palette and customize it to your wishes!

Bench Plans Motivational Page  v.1 1

Motivator Page Generator is a simple desktop software which allows you to quickly create pages that motivate your web visitor to buy your product.

Jdbc-bench  v.1.0

Open-source Java utility to generate your own standard set of benchmarksprofiling database/JDBC-driver performance.

OO Bench  v.0.5.0

Attempt of a portable cross-language object-oriented benchmark .

Autumn Sunset - Screen Saver

"Autumn Sunset" - Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia. Don't you think that this cozy nook of the park on the cliff edge helps you to relax and think about something abstract? Here is a tree standing near the bench. Foliage of the tree has turned

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